Finger detangling is the method of using only your hands to remove tangles from your hair. While there are numerous benefits to finger detangling your hair. There are also some cons, taking these into consideration before you begin can save you a lot of time, wasted effort, and prevent hair damage due to frustration. 

Why Finger Detangling Might Not Be For You

Do not finger detangle if: 

You Do Not Have Free Time

Finger detangling takes a LOT of time. It is not for the impatient. It is not for the busy. Put down a towel, turn on Netflix, fill up your water bottle and have a seat. You need the time to be gentle. Don’t start before you have to go to your friends party or work. Wait until there is nothing to do and you are free to be ugly for a couple of hours. 

You Want Instant Results

Using this method will not immediately make your hair healthier and longer. Instead over time with consistency you will see more length retention. Learning this method takes practice. Your hands and fingers need to learn how a strand feels when tangled, when to add what product, and how to coax the hair out of the knot.  Eventually you will get a feel of all of these and it will become second nature, but not overnight and especially not on the first try.

You Don’t Know How

Not doing it correctly can cause dreading, huge knots, and matting. Take the time to learn how to master the craft. Try one section finger detangling and use a comb/brush as usual with the rest of your hair. Once you’ve mastered the skill, then incorporate larger sections. Remember, it is worse to do it wrong than to not do it at all. So if you aren’t ready… DON’T START. Trust me on this one.  

Finger detangling is not for the impatient. It is not for the busy. You need the time to be gentle. Or you risk doing more harm than good.

You Wear Wash and Gos Often

Even if you are thorough in your method, wearing your hair in wash and gos is almost counterproductive to finger detangling. When you allow your hair to shrink, it begins to coil and tangle immediately. You definitely will need to comb out your hair sooner than you would with other styles. Not to mention, if you use a gel product, you’re just asking for trouble. So if you do commit to only finger detangling, please remember to keep your hair in stretched styles like braids or twists. 


The Pros of Finger Detangling

If none of the above applies to you let’s quickly go over some of the benefits of finger detangling. #balance.

  1. Less breakage

Your hands are better able to distinguish the difference between knots and tangles and more deftly sort them out than a comb or brush would. While the tool will rip through your hair and cause breakage, your fingers will be able to move the hair wherever necessary to minimize breakage.

  1. Easier to remove tangles

This is not an immediate pro, but over time you will improve and notice it is a lot easier to remove tangles; because you will have trained your fingers to coax them out in ways you could never do with a comb. Pulling down on your ends is so much easier than ripping through your hair with a comb.

  1. Less painful

You are able to be more gentle with your hair than with a comb. Less tugging, less knots, more peace. 

  1. Simple

This is my favorite pro. It’s simple and easy. I lose combs. I am a comb loser. I cannot keep up with anything. If all I have to do is apply an oil and conditioner and use my hands. I am all for it!


 That’s all for today folks. Do you agree with these tips? Are there other cons or pros you can think of? Help us out and comment them below!



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