Pre- Poo is short for Pre-Shampoo. It may seem like more work, but building this skill into your routine will save you an enormous amount of time and effort when styling. 

Many people use pre-poo to protect their hair before entering into the shower, which is effective when you don’t already have a lot of product on your hair. 

But since I usually have my hair coated well, I personally use Pre-Pooing as a detangling session. The added slip from my Pre-Poo products allow me to easily remove tangles before entering the shower while sitting on my couch. 

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Find a tutorial for each of these skills linked below.

I am working on building out a tutorial page for each of these skills. I expect to finish by April 1st. Check back then for more information!

What are the benefits of Pre-Shampooing?

Type 4 hair is very coily and as a result is extra fragile. Dry hair has decreased elasticity, this means manipulation can exacerbate any split ends present. Pre-Pooing uses products that add moisture and increase your elasticity and slip so you can more easily manipulate your hair before a wash as well as protect your hair from a cheap stripping clarifying shampoo.


First you need to know what products you will use. I prefer a humectant and coconut oil. You will also need to decide how comfortable you are with finger detangling.

  • A humectant attracts moisture to your hair, improving your elasticity by restoring moisture. Hair with increased elasticity can withstand more manipulation.
  • Coconut oil does not perform well in my hair as a sealant, but as a detangler it is unmatched. I add this on top of my humectant to greatly increase my slip melt my tangles away. It gets washed out during the shampoo anyways.


When Do I Pre-Poo My Type 4 Hair?

You can pre-poo every time you shampoo your hair! It is a very useful tool in managing your hair’s health, especially if you are 4c and have very delicate strands/are not very good at detangling. 


Your Hair is Too Tangled to Manipulate.
  1. If you are feeling tangles throughout your hair that are not releasing with gentle pulling, pre-pooing will help you
  2. Do not wet your hair if it is matted, if you are not skilled in detangling, this may make matters worse
Your Hair Breaks easily with light manipulation
  1. If your hair is very dry, use your pre-poo products to coat and rehydrate your strands
  2. You can do this overnight if your hair is especially dry, but just before your shower is perfectly fine as well if you are using a humectant.

 How to Pre-Poo

  1. Apply your humectant to your hair and divide into large sections. I like to do 6 sections
  2. Smooth the product down your section. Start with the root and pull down to your ends. You should feel the shed hairs move down the section and be able to pull them from the ends of you hair
  3. Rub your coconut oil between your hands to allow it to apply easily to your section. Repeat the same process as a with your humectant, smoothing the section and removing shed hairs.
  4. Once you have completed all of your sections, you can further divide those sections into smaller twists to do a very thourough detangle. Otherwise you can hop in the shower or put on a plastic cap and scarf and run some errands.

Keep your hair in the same sections you made while pre-pooing when you shampoo. It will be a breeze to shampoo you sections, condition them and hop out of the shower.

If you are low porosity like me, you may find that the hair does not automatically feel moisturized. A trick for this is to loosely twist the section with your moisturizer and move on to the next section. After the twist has had some time to settle and soak up the product, it will be much more manageable.


All Done! Remember that tying your satin scarf is important to keeping the moisture you just worked to add to your hair in place. The bonnet and scarf also trap in the heat and moisture at night, allowing your hair to refresh on its own overnight.


Care for Low Porosity Hair

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