Oversaturating Your Hair

The goal of this tutorial is to teach you how to oversaturate and coat your hair to seal it away from outside elements so that there are no pores open. If we reduce entry points for the salt or chlorine filled water to penetrate your hair shaft and sit inside your strand for hours, until washed out, we prevent your hair from drying from the inside out.


Step 1: Gather Your Materials

  1.  Moisturizing Conditioner
    • Do not use a protein conditioner for this! Anything “Keratin” is a big no no for this method as it will harden your hair and cause breakage.
  2.  A heavy or complimentary oil
    • (Castor oil works fine here)
  3.  A sealant
    • Shea butter or similar to form a barrier around your moisture wall
    • The type does not matter, just need a thick product. You can do any type of mixture you usually use or use a premade/premixed product. 

Step 2: Wet your hair under the water to saturate it. Mix your conditioner, oil and water in a spray bottle and generously coat each section of your hair.

Step 3: Braid each section comfortably to keep the hair stretched and prevent tangles. For extra protection, apply shea butter to the braid to seal.

  • I like to do 2 braids in the front going backwards and two braids in the back.

Step 4: Swim freely

Step 5: Shampoo & deep condition after returning from the water.

Viola!  Soft manageable hair even after a day in the water.

Thank me later.


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