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April 2021

Hair Growth Challenge

This month’s Hair Challenge will focus on constant moisture. The extreme summer heat can do a number on your strands. Maintaining a protective style and extra care is all you need to fight against potential damage.

  1. Moisturize

    • The key to this challenge is having the right products. Take your favorite moisturizer and oil, mix together in a spray bottle and dilute with water. Keep this on hand!
  2. Protect

    • Pick a protective style that tucks away your ends. I like to do twists pulled back into a bun.
  3. Replenish

    • This is the easy part! To keep your hair moist in the heat, spray the solution you made onto your strands *at least* 3x a week. Use a soft brush to smooth down your hair. At night you can just spray with water and wear your satin scarf.

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Our hair is naturally dry, making moisture the most important topic in the natural hair community. This is also why moisturizing is the first physical skill of our series, moisturizing should always be followed by proper sealing. Your hair type, texture, porosity...

Hair Growth Challenge

If you are having issues retaining length, the issue is not always the product. I challenge you to learn to maintain constant moisture in your hair and to properly manipulate your hair.

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Growing your hair out has more to do than what products you buy. We need to focus on how you use them.  Use this guide as a homepage in your new growth journey! You can also participate in our hair growth challenge using the skills you learn from this page to grow...

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A satin scarf is used to protect your hair and seal in moisture. It can also be worn under scarves that have a rough texture that would cause breakage.I wear bonnets over my scarves. This gives an extra layer of protection and heat as well as helps keep friction from...

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Elasticity Elasticity is very important and it is only improved by moisture. Your hair should be able to stretch to some extent without breaking or shedding. If your hair is unable to withstand the tension caused by regular manipulation, then you may have a problem...





Flexi Rods on 4c Hair


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I am what we call a lazy natural. I love natural hair, drinking water, and minding my business. I have Mid back length 4C natural hair (that shrinks all the way up to my scalp) and 10 years of skin in the game. I spend my free time gardening and drumming up design ideas for my home.

I built this site to provide a resource for 4C naturals and real representation for girls like me, who just had to figure it out. I’m so glad you’ve found us.