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April 2021

Hair Growth Challenge

This month’s Hair Challenge will focus on constant moisture. The extreme summer heat can do a number on your strands. Maintaining a protective style and extra care is all you need to fight against potential damage.

  1. Moisturize

    • The key to this challenge is having the right products. Take your favorite moisturizer and oil, mix together in a spray bottle and dilute with water. Keep this on hand!
  2. Protect

    • Pick a protective style that tucks away your ends. I like to do twists pulled back into a bun.
  3. Replenish

    • This is the easy part! To keep your hair moist in the heat, spray the solution you made onto your strands *at least* 3x a week. Use a soft brush to smooth down your hair. At night you can just spray with water and wear your satin scarf.

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When to Wash Your Natural Hair

Generally, I like to shampoo (clarify) my hair once or twice a month and simply co-wash or use a moisturizing shampoo in between, in other words, I alternate my shampoo types. When I describe a cowash I mean using warm water to saturate your hair and adding a conditioner.


Conditioning is used to replenish the moisture removed from your hair after shampooing. Conditining is the easiest thing you can do to help your hair, just slap it on and make sure it coats all of your strands.  Your hair type, texture, porosity other factors play a...

Deep Conditioning

Deep conditioning is a method of using products that penetrate the hair shaft and restore moisture in the inner layers. Luckily for us, deep conditining is the easiest thing you can do to help your hair, just slap it on and make sure it coats all of your strands. The...


I personally use my Pre-Poo as a detangling session before entering into the shower. The added slip from my Pre-Poo products allow me to easily remove tangles. Pre- Poo is short for Pre-Shampoo. Building this skill into your routine a couple times a month at least...


Pre- Poo is short for Pre-Shampoo. It may seem like more work, but building this skill into your routine will save you an enormous amount of time and effort when styling.  Many people use pre-poo to protect their hair before entering into the shower, which is...





Flexi Rods on 4c Hair


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I am what we call a lazy natural. I love natural hair, drinking water, and minding my business. I have Mid back length 4C natural hair (that shrinks all the way up to my scalp) and 10 years of skin in the game. I spend my free time gardening and drumming up design ideas for my home.

I built this site to provide a resource for 4C naturals and real representation for girls like me, who just had to figure it out. I’m so glad you’ve found us.