When to Wash Your Natural Hair

Generally, I like to shampoo (clarify) my hair once or twice a month and simply co-wash or use a moisturizing shampoo in between, in other words, I alternate my shampoo types. When I describe a cowash I mean using warm water to saturate your hair and adding a conditioner.

Hair Basics: Elasticity

Elasticity Elasticity is very important and it is only improved by moisture. Your hair should be able to stretch to some extent without breaking or shedding. If your hair is unable to withstand the tension caused by regular manipulation, then you may have a problem...

Hair Basics: Introduction

First things first. In order to care for your hair, we need to determine the main attributes of your hair. Use this guide to determine the makeup of your hair and how to best cater to each of these crucial hair properties.

Hair Basics: Figuring Out Your Hair Type

Welcome to your formal type 4 Hair Education. There are so few resources when it comes to catering to our hair in particular.  In this post, you will learn: What is Type 4 Hair How to recognize your hair type Bloggers with your hair type How to care for your hair type...

Hair Basics: Texture

Hair texture is a feature present regardless of your hair type. Texture refers to the thickness of each individual strand. It can be fine medium or coarse. Whether it is kinky, curly, or coily hair types can have any or all of these textures. If you were to compare...

Hair Basics: Density

Hair density has to do with how closely your hair strands grow beside each other on your scalp. The closer together, the thicker and more voluminous your hair appears.

In terms of growth, your hair’s density is not the most important factor, but it will help you to make better choices on what styles to where and what products might affect the overall look you’re going for.