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Here we post topics for discussion, hair tips, protective styles, and general questions about 4c hair care. We are here to help and be helped! Take a look around. Find your hair twin, become buds, grow your crown together. This is a journey; it’s not “just hair” its a statement, its identity, and it’s love. I want to share the love! Let’s get started!

When to Wash Your Natural Hair

Generally, I like to shampoo (clarify) my hair once or twice a month and simply co-wash or use a moisturizing shampoo in between, in other words, I alternate my shampoo types. When I describe a cowash I mean using warm water to saturate your hair and adding a conditioner.

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Deep Conditioning

Deep conditioning is a method of using products that penetrate the hair shaft and restore moisture in the inner layers. Luckily for us, deep conditining is the easiest thing you can do to help your hair, just slap it...

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I personally use my Pre-Poo as a detangling session before entering into the shower. The added slip from my Pre-Poo products allow me to easily remove tangles. Pre- Poo is short for Pre-Shampoo. Building this skill...

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Pre- Poo is short for Pre-Shampoo. It may seem like more work, but building this skill into your routine will save you an enormous amount of time and effort when styling.  Many people use pre-poo to protect their hair...

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Hair Growth Challenge

If you are having issues retaining length, the issue is not always the product. I challenge you to learn to maintain constant moisture in your hair and to properly manipulate your hair.

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Natural Hair Products I Adore

A satin scarf is used to protect your hair and seal in moisture. It can also be worn under scarves that have a rough texture that would cause breakage.I wear bonnets over my scarves. This gives an extra layer of...

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