5 Easy Steps to Grow Your Beautiful Natural Hair

Most people believe there is a single action you can take to grow your hair long. The truth is, healthy hair comes from many small habits done consistently over time.

Condition. Wash, Detangle

Get into the habit of doing this weekly or twice a month. Keeping your scalp clean and your hair strands from being coated in too much product (dirt, lint, dust, oils) accumulated between washes allows for moisture to enter the hair shaft and for your scalp to breathe. Making it a part of your routine to complete this task weekly is a key factor in maintining your moisture and growing your hair. 

How do you get great wash day results? With great wash day instructions of course. Click here for my Hair Regimen.

Hey Queen, I’m Brittany

I am what we call a lazy natural. I love natural hair, drinking water, and minding my business. I have waist length 4C natural hair (that shrinks all the way up to my scalp) and 11 years of skin in the game. 

Moisturize. Stretch. Repeat

Stretching your natural hair is the best way to retain length and moisture. It also serves a great base to complete any style. Stretch your hair while moisturizing by braiding, twisting or banding your hair. When you are ready to style, your hair will have less frizz and more shine.


Satin Scarf & Bonnet

Wearing a bonnet with 4C hair is not just about protecting your hair. When you wear a scarf and bonnet, you are trapping heat and moisture on your hair for hours on end while you sleep. This gives low porosity hair time to absorb the product you have applied. You are really doing yourself a favor by keeping a scarf by your bed at night!


Work in Sections

Because of the nature of our hair, it is crucial that we always work with smaller sections. She likes special attention. Trying to work with your entire head at one time will only lead to frustration and breakage. Always work with at least 6 sections. Part down the middle and work with the front, center, and back; one section at a time.


Style it and Leave it!

Once you complete your style. LEAVE IT BE. Don’t switch up your hair everyday. Every time you manipulate your hair, you are risking some form of breakage and damage. Moisturize your hair by taking a spray bottle, filling it with water, oil, and your WATER BASED leave in conditioner. Spray at least 3x a week!

Join Our

Hair Growth Challenge


  1. Moisturize

    • The key to this challenge is having the right products. Take your favorite moisturizer and oil, mix together in a spray bottle and dilute with water. Keep this on hand!
  2. Protect

    • Pick a protective style that tucks away your ends. I like to do twists pulled back into a bun.
  3. Replenish

    • This is the easy part! To keep your hair moist in the heat, spray the solution you made onto your strands *at least* 3x a week. Use a soft brush to smooth down your hair. At night you can just spray with water and wear your satin scarf.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is a Growth Challenge?
This growth challenge is aimed at maximizing the results of your protective style. The goal is to consistently refresh and moisturize your hair without overwhelming your schedule. This means we are focusing on easy ways to manipulate and moisturize 4c hair.
How Much Does it Cost to Participate?

Not a single cent. The information I’ve gathered over 11 years is free for my fellow type 4 naturals to access and use to grow their hair. 

What Products do I need to participate?

You will need:

  • Satin scarf and bonnet
  • Water based moisturizer
  • Sealant
  • Cleansing Shampoo
  • Moisturizing Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Deep Conditioner
  • Slippage Product
  • Oils
  • Hair Towel

You can find links to the products I use here. 

Will I need Additional Help?

If you are nervous about trimming your hair yourself (its easy) then see a professional stylist to have it done for you. Otherwise you should be fine. 

When Does it Start?

We begin April 1st! Sign up for our email list to follow along with us!


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