Building the Perfect Routine for 4C Hair Can Be Intimidating

An easy way to get around this is to mimic another natural's hair routine, then adjust for your lifestyle as you become more comfortable. If you have the following hair properties, my regimen may be of use to you.

Low Porosity
Type 4C
Medium Density
Coarse Strands

If you do not know your hair properties, tap the button below to learn more.

Day 1:


We need to detangle, separate and stretch our hair. This will give us a clean slate to work with the rest of the week to ensure the most growth.

Pro-Tip: Before washing your hair, you may want to pre-poo. ESPECIALLY, if your hair is tangled and dry. We don't want to drench hair that is matted or tangled. You will regret it. I promise.

Hey Queen, I’m Brittany

I am what we call a lazy natural. I love natural hair, drinking water, and minding my business. I have waist length 4C natural hair (that shrinks all the way up to my scalp) and 11 years of skin in the game. 

Day 2:


The best results for length retention are from protective styles. I have found that the most versatile styles are those that begin as flat twists or braids and can be taken down to form a twist out or braidout. You can choose any of the above, leave the braids in from yesterday or make up your own.

This week, I am going with my usual 6 braids since I will be doing tons of yard and housework.

Keep these rules in mind

  1.   No tiny intricate styles
  2.   No tight braids or twists
  3.   Always use rope twists instead of regular twists for better stretched hair
  4.    LCO: Apply leave in and oil to each section before beginning styling
  5.   Pull at your ends to remove shed hairs and tangles. Pulling your hair from the sides just worsens the tangles and causes breakage.
  6.   If you are too frustrated to be patient with your hair. Tie it back up and go lay down.
  7.   Tie your hair up at night. keep a scarf and bonnet by the bed. Put up a sticky note, set a reminder. DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO. But protect your strands at night.


With your favorite slippery conditioner and oil. I prefer Melanin Multi-Use softening conditioner and coconut oil.

  1.   Separate your hair into 6 sections
  2.   Apply conditioner and coconut oil to each section, gently pull on your ends to remove shed hairs and tangles.
  3.   In the shower, work with each section. Wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo: Pull the ends of the section to stretch the hair and apply the shampoo to your scalp. Work into a lather and rinse under the water. Afterwards, apply your conditioner and oil and braid the section, careful not to pull too tightly to avoid damaging your roots and edges.
  4.   Apply a second coating of conditioner and oil and cover with a plastic bag or shower cap to deep condition. Tie a satin scarf around to avoid dripping and to trap the heat onto your hair.
  5.   Rinse off the excess conditioner and squeeze your braids to remove the extra water. Wrap with a microfiber towel or t-shirt to soak up the water.
  6.   When damp, unbraid each section and apply your favorite leave-in and oil combination. I use mane choice 3n1 conditioner and castor oil. My hair (low porosity) craves heavy moisturizers and heat. Tie with a satin scarf and bonnet and allow to fully dry while trapping in the heat to soak in the product (overnight for me).
  7.   Once your hair is dry it will be fully moisturized, detangled and ready to style (You can also style your hair day of while you are moisturizing!)

If you have somewhere to be after this is complete, leave on your scarf/bonnet and tie a decorative scarf real cute like over your hair until it dries or sit under a hooded dryer.

Day 4:


Squeeze one of your braids, you should have a bit of oil on your fingers. Because you tied your hair up.

Day 3:


Take off your scarf and go about your beautifully styled business


You can take down your twists or braids today if you’d like or leave them in for another day. The longer they are in, the better your twist/braid out will be.

Coat your hands in a slippery oil like jojoba, grapeseed, argan, or almond oil. Run you hands down your braids/twists and gently take down the section starting at the ends. Fluff and gently massage your roots. recommend not manipulating your hair too much on the first day. It will poof as the week continues

      Leaving your braids in

    Go about your day gorgeous, you have nothing more to do

    Day 5:

    Refreshing your style

    Squeeze one of your braids, you should have a bit of oil on your fingers. Because you tied your hair up.

    If your took down your braids

    Add a bit of leave-in and oil to your palms. (I am serious when I say a bit, we are just refreshing, your hair should not be dry.) 5 or 6 chunky braids before bed will keep your braid/twist out under control each night. OR you can just put on a bonnet without a scarf before bed to preserve the same style, fluff and shake in the morning.

      If you are leaving your braids in:

    I often chose to leave my braids in for as long as possible. I like to take a shower and allow the steam to refresh my hair or apply oil to my hands and run it over my braids (does not matter if your hands are a little wet). Usually though, on day four, I’ve done a decent job of not touching or fussing with my hair, it usually does not need any moisture.

    Day 6:


    Day 7:


    Day 8:


    Problems you may be experiencing on this day.

    •   Your hair is dry and tangled (because you didn’t rebraid or wear your scarf.)
      • Solution: Co-Wash your hair or Shampoo and Re-Style
    •   Your hair is heavy and lifeless (Product overload)
      • Solution: Co-Wash your hair or Shampoo and Re-Style
    •   Excessive shedding (Braids too tight? Reaction to product?)
      • Solution: Rebraid less tightly, remove any new products
    •   Your hair is stinky (You workout or sweat or other normal life things)
      • Solution: Co-Wash your hair or Shampoo and Re-Style

    Co-Washing Instructions

    I like to mix my favorite conditioner in a bottle. 2 parts conditioner 3 parts water and 1 part oil. Separate your hair into sections and rinse out excess product. Apply the mixture and smooth your hands down your hair to “clean the section”. Always pull at your ends to remove shed hair. Braid up each section. Wrap with a t-shirt to dry and restyle.


    I pretty much use the same products every time I style my hair. I love the consistency of having staple that does what I need everytime. Click below to view all of my staples.  


    Care for Low Porosity Hair

    Grow with us!