14 Skills Needed for Long Natural Hair

Growing your hair out has more to do than what products you buy. We need to focus on how you use them.  Use this guide as a homepage in your new growth journey! You can also participate in our hair growth challenge using the skills you learn from this page to grow your hair!

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Find a tutorial for each of these skills linked below.

I am working on building out a tutorial page for each of these skills. I expect to finish by April 1st. Check back then for more information!

Knowing Hair Properties

Your porosity, texture & elasticity can tell you more about your hair than your type.

Moisturize & Seal

You need to use water + waterbased products. Oil seals it does not moisturize.


Properly taking advantage of a good pre-poo can change your detangling life.

Finger Detangle

I know a lot of people hate this, but its a Godsend for length retention.


Proper shampooing reduces tangling from shrinkage and improves scalp health.

Deep Conditioning

Skipping deep conditioning can be detremental to your hair.

Conditioning/Detangling In the Shower

Diluting your conditioner makes it easier to coat every strand, use oils to add slip.

Protective Styles

Installing a protective style when your hair is dry/damaged will cause breakage.


Stretching is a powerful skill in length retention. It greatly reduces tangles!


Learn how to maintain your moisture throughout the week!


If you’re nervous about cutting your own hair, see a professional, but it is easy!


Twists can be used to wash, stretch, section, and moisturize your hair.

Rope Twists

Rope twists give definition and moisture retention that regular twists just can not compete with.

Hair Treatments

Identifying what your hair needs are and using resources to satisfy your needs!

All Done!

Use what you have learned to build your regimen!


Care for Low Porosity Hair

Grow with us!